Farming for Climate Justice: ECR Applicant Eligibility

Farming for Climate Justice: ECR Applicant Eligibility

Who can, and how to apply:

Farming for Climate Justice: Applicant Eligibility: applicants must be early career researchers in academic and other institutions (e.g. public, private or civil society) in a variety of disciplines. ECRs from academia will have received their PhD within 10 years. Researcher-practitioners or activists will have been actively engaged for 10 years with civil society networks, and are not required to have a PhD. ECRs affiliated with institutions from South Africa may be resident elsewhere, providing opportunities to bring in different country perspectives and research experiences to discussions.

Selection will be based on establishing an interdisciplinary and cross sectoral cohort relevant to the demands of policy and practice for food systems transformation. These are anticipated to be drawn from the environmental sciences (social and natural) and environmental humanities: climate, soil, seed and water sciences, ecology, social and environmental policy, planning and law; gender, sociology, human and physical geography and anthropology.

Farming for Climate Justice: Applicant Eligibility – in short:

  • Experience and relevance to research area (above)
  • Motivation and contribution to the aims
  • Description of the long-term impact of participation
  • Potential to utilise outcomes to form future collaborations.

If you are interested, then send [only:]

  • Your CV (two pages)
  • A personal statement (two pages)
    • In your statement please outline your views on farming for climate justice, how you would benefit from this networking project

to George McAllister:

A shortlist will be discussed and agreed by a UCT-CAWR working group.

Equal opportunities, gender balance and diversity will be considered as fundamental to the selection process. In our experience, diverse teams make better decisions and produce richer experiences.

If you have any questions before applying, then contact George McAllister: